Jose Arguelles was a historian with a doctorate in history of the art from the University of Chicago , obtained in 1969, which became fascinated with the Mayan calendar and designed his own particular version.

 With its lights and shadows , you will not understand the boom of all concrete Mayan Tzolk'in without the contribution made by Jose Arguelles to the disclosure of this knowledge worldwide .

Even now most websites that calculate the Maya Kin , are based on the structure designed at the time. It is wrong and in these pages and the book "El Nuevo Sol", we try to correct and explain.

Argüelles failed to understand the power of the February 29th in leap years. According to him, this day does not have its own energy. Some of his followers claim that " the 29th is an identical clone at day 28th in terms of energy Kin " . Others say that "the February 29 before noon has the energy of February 28 , after noon of March 1 " . The mistake of adding 13 days and consider the 52 years of 18,993 days , a number not divisible by 260 , instead of considering the number of 18,980 days , sacred to the Maya , that it is divisible by 260.

 Also his calendar is not syncing properly with traditional Mayan . The error is serious because it would be like if we were told that our horoscope is Leo and discovered long after we are Capricorn. It has nothing to do , nor can synch with the energies of every day that we get from the cosmos.

The good news , for those who have followed the calendar of Arguelles, is the whole Mayan symbolism is applied correctly , you only need to find the real Kin of your birth and apply concepts learned .

We add for clarity , the following interview with Don Alejandro Oxlaj , head of the council of Guatemala Maya elders and saver of the Maya’s time account, when he was asked about other calendars that attempt to mimic the Maya .



Look my brother ... if you want to be a writer, then do your job well. Because the Mayan calendar, we have the authority of the calendar, we can take either a day or we can increase or change the name. Such people do what that they feel like it has to do more to confuse the world.'ll tell you things, the Mayans say that the Mayan calendar, the Mayan’s science, only the Maya understand and just they know how it's worth. The people who is not Maya is doing what they want to do, they get confused in the Western world, does what he wants, confused over how wrong we are. I’m talking about Mr. Jose Arguelles, he came to us, asking for permission to publish the calendar of 13 moons and we said that he has no right to change the schedule, because it is Maya, he is not Maya authority; plus a biggest mistake he made, was first asking permission from the united nations and went to seek permission from the Pope; we the Maya nation, what is ours. Has nothing with us the united nations and less the Vatican, what has stolen Vatican they need to send us back, they do not have to handle our calendar, we do not have to authorize our calendar to a crazy person who wants to change the world in their own way" "In Maya’s science there are sacred things, very great things written in Mayan scriptures, in Mayan’s codices and only we can give you the explanation of what it says ..."

"Mire mi hermano... si usted quiere ser escritor, haga un trabajo bien hecho. Porque el calendario Maya, nosotros tenemos la autoridad del calendario, no podemos quitar ni un día ni podemos aumentar ni podemos cambiar el nombre. Esas personas hacen lo que les da la gana ha de hacer, confundir mas al mundo. Le voy a decir una cosas, los Mayas dicen: que el calendario Maya, la ciencia maya solo los mayas lo entienden y solo los mayas lo saben lo que vale. La persona que no es Maya hace lo que le da la gana de hacer, el se confunde en el mundo occidental, hace lo que se le da la gana, confundir mas de lo equivocados que estamos. El que habla de eso es el señor José Arguelles, llego con nosotros, fue a pedir permiso de que el quiere publicar el calendario de 13 lunas y nosotros dijimos que el no tiene derecho de cambiar el calendario, porque el no es Maya, ni es autoridad Maya y además un error mas grande que cometió, primero fue pedir permiso a las naciones unidas y fue a pedir permiso al Papa, nosotros la nación Maya, lo que es de nosotros es de nosotros. No tiene que ver las naciones unidas con nosotros y menos el vaticano, lo que nos ha robado el Vaticano que nos devuelva, y no tiene que manejar nuestro calendario, nosotros no tenemos por que autorizar ese calendario a una persona loca que quiere cambiar el mundo a su manera." "En la ciencia del calendario Maya hay cosas sagradas, cosas grandísimas esta escrito en escrituras mayas, en códices y solamente nosotros podemos darle la explicación de lo que dice ahí…”