"Compass of your destiny"


Language of the sun for you APP Maya Kin: Discover the purpose of your life, What prevents you fulfill it, What your gifts are, What your mission in life ...., based on the true Mayan tradition.


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Based on the true Mayan traditions that have been protected by the sages of the Guatemala highlands and meets perfectly with the solar patterns you rediscover in the book " El Nuevo Sol" . (The New Sun)

The language of the sun for you, will Discover the purpose of your life! , What prevents you to fulfill it , What your gifts are , wWhat your mission in life .... , we give the indications that will help you to understand the circumstances of your life .

The compass offers 21 informations, with the following features :

Energy or today's Kin : On this screen you can see the energy (called Kin by Maya ), which reaches the earth in the present day , based on the time, date and country you have on your mobile . Knowing it, you will be able to syncronize with the Earth , the nature and the cosmos.

YOUR PRESENT : Where are you now ....

Energy or Kin Birth and Auxiliaries: It shows the perspective from which you look at this world, because ultimately we are the representatives of that combination in the 3rd dimension . When we understand deeply these energies , we let release the stress of seeing the world in our particular way and we communicate much better with our fellowmen.

Your Trecena : Your collective mission , although each one lives from the unique perspective of their own Kin of birth . With thirteen indications to understand more deeply.

YOUR PAST: Where are you ....

Or engendering Kin and auxiliary concept : To balance us, we need to know our past in order to understand our present circumstances .

YOUR FUTURE : What is your Destiny ....

Destination and Kin Kin Auxiliary : It gives us the indications of where we go,  is the shadow of our possible future that guides us .

The Compass , based on star patterns we have rediscovered , represents the fundamental structure of our universe and point to you with the energies we receive daily from the suns in the universe.

Experience deepens with this tool and you will understand why many circumstances of your life , and perhaps the ultimate reason , if you persevere and you dare to ask, will help you answer the most difficult question of all : But what is your destination ? .

For in this way, you have peace in your heart , you can pass it on your living environment and become a small sun that lights , love , heat and gives life to everything around.




PAST : Where are you coming from

PRESENT: Where you are now.......

FUTURE .: What is your Destiny ....

Based on the true Mayan tradition, meets the patterns of our solar system belonging to the Pleiades.